New Function--Real-time Data Recorder & Playback Analysis

Jul 08, 2015

DynaTronic Corporation Ltd today is pleased to release our new function for VENZO 800 series vibration controller--Real-time Data Recorder & Playback Analysis.


In VibExpert 2.3.30 and subsequent versions, Real-time Data Recorder & Playback Analysis function is available with each control application module. It’s an economical replacement for recorder instrumentations for streamless data recoding from 1 ~ 64 channels to the hard disk. While recording data to disk using data recorder, you can simultaneously perform an analysis on all or some of the channels.Further, advanced analysis functions are available in playback analysis.


Especially, if customer wants to replicate time history of random test after the doing test, it is very easy to record it during the random test, then we should do some data process in “SignalEditor” to generate a compatible *.ltf file. All the *.ltf files can be imported to Field Data Replication function to do the simulation test.



• Simple and intuitive operations

• Dynamic range up to 135 dB

• Real-time monitoring of signals

• Analysis of all recorded signals

• Replicable for all recorded signals

• Optional manual or automatic recording

• Time history profiles for verification of recorded data

• Data review and analysis in playback analysis

• Acceptable for a wide variety of formats


Details please download guider from this link: http://www.dtc-solutions.com/cata.asp


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