What Kind Of Work Should Be Done To Maintain The Vibrating Table?

Sep 12, 2017

Long time use can cause damage to the equipment when we operate the vibration table for vibration test, so we need to maintain it. Here's a look at the maintenance of vibration table, what needs to be done?.

1 when the vibration test table is running, we need to add lubricant to the moving shaft inside the equipment and the wide belt it needs to operate, so that the equipment can operate effectively.

2, in the vibration test platform to determine whether products endure environmental vibration ability, there must be technical personnel around supervision, lest test samples slip out of equipment, damage to the surface of the box surface smoothness.

3, gear oil we need regular cleaning, and every six months, we need to replace it.

4, after the end of the experiment, when the vibration test bench after cooling, we need to in the cleaning work, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the equipment.

5, in the vibration test bench does not work, we should completely turn off the equipment of each power supply system, so as to avoid unnecessary fault risk.

The above is the maintenance method, we need to do the work in the process of doing these work.


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