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Q: What does the prompt “Open Loop” means?

A: When the VENZO controller detects the SNR ratio of control channel RMS value or limiting channel signal is less than a threshold, or the channel gain suddenly reduced N times and exceeds a certain threshold, the system prompts the open-loop and interrupt test. In the "Control Parameters - Safety Parameters" settings page, you can select the open loop check grade, correspondingly is loose, standard, strict three levels. In some cases, choose loose contribute to the smooth progress of sweep.

Q: During random test, what can we do if control software VibExpert warns “Drive RMS High”?

A: It is because drive RMS value in random test excesses Max. Drive RMS value under the "Control Parameter - Safety Parameters" settings page, to solve it you can properly increase the amplifier gain, or reduce the target profile magnitude.

Q: During test, what can we do if control software VibExpert warns “Drive Peak High”?

A: It is because the driving peak excesses Max. Drive value under "Control Parameter - Safety Parameters" settings page under or "System Configuration – Shaker", drive peak signal over either, system will interrupt, so enhance the value. In random test, you can set the Sigma Clipping to reduce the driving voltage peak.

Q: If I forget the IP address of the controller, what can I do?

A: If you forget the IP of the controller, and prompt connection is not successful, you can recover controller’s IP to the default factory configuration, just according to following steps. If the instrument is already open, turn off the controller power first, then restart controller, wait for Ready light on, press and hold Abort button on the front panel for more than 4 seconds, until control light starting blinking, then the controller’s network configuration has been recovered to factory configuration, that is IP, network segment Then restart controller to effective this default network configuration.

Q: Does vibration controller with a PC with a network connection can use Wi-Fi?

A: You can use Wi-Fi. Use wireless router to connect vibration controller, PC through the wireless network card and the wireless router connected with vibration controller. In the Settings folder, set up IP, save and exit.

Q: The novice runs vibration controller software, how various setting?

A: First, open the software, enter the Start Page; in Start Page, select the desired application module, such as the sine test that select the icon Sine; random test module select icon Random. Start an application module usually carried out smoothly in accordance with the following parameter settings: engineering units, input channels, shaker parameters, reference spectrum parameters, schedule and etc. Parameter setting details see the contents of the subsequent chapters. All parameters can be saved as the default parameters, the next time enter test can follow the same test set. Set parameters and check and correct, you can click on the Start test button. This is the common test steps and order, and if any special operations or doubt, please consult the supplier and technical personnel.

Q: How to import the updated calibration file?

A: Suggest send vibration controller to the factory for calibration annually, calibration file generated after calibration needs to be imported into the PC, double-click VibExpert icon on the desktop, click on the Tools drop-down menu, and then select the Import Calibration File option in the dialog box that opens, click Import calibration file button and click OK to complete the new calibration file import.

Q: Vibration controller connects with PC via network interface, how to set up the network related information?

A: There are two ways to connect vibration controller with the PC: The first way is connecting network interface of the controller directly with the PC network interface through the network cable, start the controller hardware and "Ready" light is blue, and it indicates the network is connected. Open the software and click Set Licence icon in the Start Page or select Tools-Set Licence, to open "Set Licence" dialog box. Before leaving factory, the default IP address of the controller is, so enter the default IP address- in IP column, and then import password file from the installation CD under the Password folder. The password file is named as “Licence_Hardware serial number.dat”. The PC IP address is set to "192.168.1.XX". PC IP cannot be set to "", which is not set as the vibration controller’s IP. In order to test whether the network connection is normal, run command "Ping"under the windows DOS to test whether the vibration controller network is normal. The other connection method is connecting vibration controller with HUB (switch), make the controller become a node in a LAN, but ensure that PC and vibration controller network segment is consistent, namely "192.168.1.xx". Then any one of computers within this LAN can control this controller. When using a wireless router (AP) network, the vibration controller is connected with a router, and then PC can through the wireless network to establish communication with vibration controller.

Q: Vibration controller, amplifier and sensor how to connect?

A: Vibration test system is mainly composed by the vibration controller, amplifier, shaker table, sensors and a PC. Connect the Drive to the input terminal (IN) of power amplifier, the sensor installed on the top of shaker table or installed with fixture on the shaker table. The information of vibration table and amplifier please refer to the data provided by the manufacturer.

Q: Does VENZO 880 have grounding problem?

A: No. Because VENZO 800 series adopts 100 Mbps Ethernet pot connected to PC, also the hardware is floating ground design which reduces ground loop problems.

Q: Does VENZO 800 can do 2-axis control? How?

A: Absolutely yes, but you should choose model 880. In normal configuration, VENZO 880 only has one drive channel and one AUX channel, if customer needs MIMO control, we will change AUX channel to drive channel, this does not means changes in hardware, you just need our MIMO control software.

Q: Why say VENZO 800 is new generation controller?

A: The current new generation controller has following features: Ethernet connection, no-fans structure to reduce background noise, 1GB internal flash memory stores test configuration; also it should has some innovative functions, like none-Gaussian control, Sine-on-Sine control, while VENZO 800 possesses all of these features.


Q: How to calibrate the hardware?

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