VENZO 880 Vibration controller

VESSTA MIMO Vibration controller is based on PXIe Bus and DSP board Structure, by the combination of different data acquisition card and output interface card, it can realize large-scale-channel distributed data acquisition, centralized processing, one-way transmission speed is up to 250 MB/s, it can ensure the multichannel parallel acquisition and real time closed-loop control.

VENZO 880 Vibration controller
VENZO 880 Vibration controller
VENZO 880 Vibration controller


VENZO 800 vibration controller can provide you with the comprehensive vibration control software modules. Each module provides basic functions and optional function, you can customize the desired system. Each system just need one test module to get start, and can add modules at any time in the future. The great characteristics which contain simple operation, rich control functions, improved analysis and reporting features, easy-to-upgrade software.


2 to 64 Analog Input Channels
1 to 2 Drive Channels (can be adopted in dual-axis control application)
450 MHz DSP Processing
100 Mbps Ethernet Port Connectiong to PC
Fanless structure to reduce the background Noise
1 GB Internal Flash Memory stores test Configuration
Floating Ground Design Reduces Ground Loop Problem


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Vibration Control System Classification 2020-04-03

Vibration Control System Classification 2020-04-03

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