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Data Acquisition & Analysis

Dynamic Signal Data Acquisition& Analysis - DU-844D

Our DU-844D is versatile, easy to use, and can work with anybridge sensors with the highest precision imaginable. System configurations are elastic and channel count can be expanded at any time with the increase of measurement.




1-4 channel inputs

1-4 channel inputs

128kHz simultaneous sample rate

128kHz simultaneous sample rate

24-bit Analog to Digital converter

24-bit Analog to Digital converter

USB3.0 and computer real-time communication

USB3.0 and computer real-time communication

Small size, easy to carry

Small size, easy to carry

16 Months Hardware Warranty

16 Months Hardware Warranty


Smart Recorder & Analysis Package


Realizing the experimental modal analysis of hammering excitation method and exciter excitation method


DMA real-time data transmission, High speed data transmission, no code leakage, no crash;


Real time data processing: real time acquisition, storage, display and analysis


Supports TEDS smart sensors

Dynatronic Software

Basic Platform

Real-time / Post-event acquisition analysis parameter setting, function control, data processing, support long data continuous recording.

Spectrum Analysis

Real-time / Post-event FFT analysis, PSD (power spectral density) analysis, Amplitude-phase frequency, Real virtual frequency, Windowing, Overlapping and Averaging.

Acoustic analysis

Various noise evaluation functions. Objective evaluation indexes such as loudness and sharpness are provided. It can be processed in real time or offline.

Bridge Analysis

Designed for the bridge testing industry, providing the most advanced solutions. Easy to use, professional and reliable. Guided operation, with the bridge test process, guide the user to complete the bridge test.

Modal Analysis

Fast / Flexible geometric modeling, automatic generation of regular model, support of CAD graphics, ANSYS model file, Excel format and text format model file import. Professional mode experiment result verification method.

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